Hello friends! This is LIFE calling from Jiling Sereng. LIFE( Livelihood Initiatives for Empowerment) is associated with the village of Jiling Sereng  for the last four years and working for the improvement of it’s life and livelihood. This is an appeal on behalf of LIFE to all it’s members, associates, sympathizers benevolent donorsor organisations.for contributions which would help to ease the life and livelihoods of the people of Jiling Sereng village. Jiling Sereng is located at the southwestern part of Ayodhya Hills in Purulia. There are actually several small villages like Ichukoto, Titidry, Rurughutu, Talakdhar, Mamudi and Leoa around Jiling Sereng under Burda, Ayodhya, Murguma and Begunkodor panchayat at the southwestern slope of Ayodhya Hills which can also be benefitted through this initiative. All these villages including Jiling Sereng are totally deprived of medical facilities, availability of water and public transportation system. The total area is approximately 20 Square Km with a population around 3000.


Their first and foremost need is an ambulance which would give them some relief in reaching the sick villagers to the nearest health centre or hospital. For now, they have to travel 10 Km to reach the nearest  health centre  at Teliabhasa and 25 Km to reach the nearest block primary health centre at Baghmundi.  But unfortunately both have no medical staffs to help them. So they have to travel further to hospitals at Purulia( 75 Km)  or Ranchi( 90 Km). So, death on the way for medical treatment has become a way of life for those villagers! Travelling to the nearest health centre has also been a nightmare for pregnant   women, several of whom can’t tolerate the exhaustion and die on the way.


Water is another issue which should be addressed immediately  to improve the villagers’ health, hygiene and livelihood. People now depend upon well water which is only available for four to five months in a year. Apart from that, there is a solar pump water supply, which is extremely irregular. And the other source of water is the river or waterfalls which are miles away and quality of which is under question. Survey by LIFE has found that if they are provided with at least four shallow pumps, their misery in want of water can come to an end.

There is also a dire need for construction of a 4 Km road which will reduce their travel time to the nearest market of Jhalda. Jhalda is 12 Km from Jiling Sereng out of which this 4 Km distance has no road, it is not even suitable for cycling. We will also pursue this problem with the competent authority.


So, under the circumstances, we would be extremely grateful if you all extend your supportive hands for the people of Jiling Sereng, to reach the target approx. twenty five  lakhs, the budget for one ambulance and four shallow tube well. All donations are exempted from income tax under section 80(G).



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