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Livelihood Initiatives for Empowerment, Shantiniketan

LIFE is already organizing skill development training on different livelihoods promoting enterprises like fisheries and animal husbandry. A few of LIFE’s activities are:

Environment Awareness Programme

LIFE has started its journey by observing “The World Environment Day”, every year. It observes an environmental awareness program among the common people focusing on the school students the future front-runner of the society and Fruit Trees Plantation by the tribal people in different blocks of Birbhum and Purulia both in their backyard and community plots.

Biodiversity Awareness

LIFE has done activities in collaboration with Bolpur-Sriniketan Panchayat Samity Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC) and WBBB (West Bengal Biodiversity Board) in Preparation of PBR(People’s Biodiversity Registrar) and Awareness regarding Biodiversity and the necessity of its preservation among the students and the common people.

Mapping Of Natural Resources

LIFE has also been assigned to prepare the People’s Biodiversity Register in collaboration with the Bolpur-Sriniketan Panchayat Samity for its continuous effort for mapping of natural resources and to make the people, especially the school children aware of it of the concerned villages to protect and promote it with the view of generating livelihood for the local community.


LIFE organizes a yearly Foot Ball Tournament in the name of Founder President Prof.Anil Kumar Sarkar in tribal-dominated villages to encourage the local youth both the boys and girls in playing football. The goal of this event is to give joy to all the people in their daily life by organizing games and to unite everyone.

Joy Of Giving

LIFE is continuing its benevolent services “JOY OF GIVING” for the people of different tribal-dominated remote villages in the district of Birbhum and Purulia, to encourage particularly needy people to look forward towards better living with dignity and respect.

Educational support

LIFE extended its support to the ultra-poor tribal children for their primary education by establishing a hutment and encouraging to promote education both in Santhal “OL CHIKI” language as well as Bangla. Local enthusiastic educated youths are motivated to run the same.

Capacity building and skill development

LIFE created capacity building and skill development and handholding with the local youths of different Panchayet in Birbhum district for scientific fish farming and backyard vegetable cultivation to earn livelihood.

Veterinary health camp

There is no denying that livestock has a major thrust on the rural livelihoods. Promotion of animal husbandry among the rural people and training them for taking proper care of the livestock is a basic step towards this direction. Besides, LIFE’s one of the main missions is to devise the alternative practices for live-stock rearing by the marginalized and landless rural people of the target village.  LIFE aimed at protecting the existing livestock by introducing essential preventive measures like deworming, vaccination, and providing required vitamins and minerals periodically to the that have already conceived animals.In keeping with its mission, LIFE organises its periodic Veterinary Camp.

Mother and Child care programme

Health issues in a remote village in Birbhum, where basic health facilities are extremely inadequate, needs to be taken up on an ongoing basis. LIFE organises “Mother and Child care programme”. Senior doctors from private and Govt. hospitals are  volunteering  to undertake a household wise quick survey of the health of pregnant mothers  and newly born child and  necessary advice are given to the mothers to keep their newly born safe and healthy and regarding post natal care of the mothers themselves. This arouseed a good and encouraging response from the village mothers in perticular.

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LIFE works with Tribal Community to enhance their quality of life.


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