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Livelihood Initiatives for Empowerment, Shantiniketan

LIFE stands for ‘Livelihood Initiatives for Empowerment’. This is a reputed voluntary organization with a registered address at Shantiniketan, and the city office at Bhadrakali, Hooghly. A shared interest in advancing the development knowledge and practice base triggered the birth of the LIFE-Livelihood Initiative For Empowerment. LIFE has already started its journey in consonance with its objective of rendering services for the socio-economic and cultural development in different parts of West Bengal. Significantly, LIFE draws on the best features of development and corporate initiatives to offer a range of quality and customized services. Our intended clients encompass government agencies and civil society organizations in India and neighboring countries.
LIFE is driven by a multidisciplinary team of experienced senior and mid-level consultants with considerable expertise across implementation, program management, policy, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, participatory communication andaudiovisual aids, research, and documentation roles across multiple sectors.

LIFE also has a growing network of member consultants who can contribute to specific deliverables. The capacity building constitutes a key area of work for LIFE. Here, the rich and varied experience of member consultants provides a strong foundation.

Some of the key issues/themes on which LIFE can offer training are:

  • Proposal Writing
  • Financial Management
  • Organisational Development
  • Gender & Diversity
  • SHG Models for Sustainable Development
  • Communities as Drivers of Change 

Our Mission

LIFE will initiate development programs for the economic vibrancy, empowering poor tribals and the vulnerable community and enhancing their well-being. LIFE will build and facilitate relationships among a variety of actors, like PRIs, NGOs, government, industry, resource institutions, and media who possess complementary strengths and competencies. We will adopt a remarkably outward-looking perspective, leading to policies and strategies that facilitate reliable and long-term partnerships with these external stakeholders.

Our Objectives

➢ To respect local dynamics in development and add values to local initiatives through refinement and linkage with national and international experiences.
➢ To provide knowledge and skill support to local development initiatives furthering capacity to mitigate challenges sustainably.
➢ We promote such initiatives mainly based on innovation management and blending location specificity in planning.
➢ To protect the environment and address climate change by creating community awareness.
➢ To work with Tribal communities to enhance their quality of life.

Our Vision

To create conditions favorable to the making of an empowered, egalitarian and sustainable society. Our main strategy is to strengthen and enable rural and tribal life so that they can play a meaningful and decisive role in undertaking development activities through active participation. Provide adequate support and guidance so they can overcome their problems.

We Work With

✓ Community-based groups & local NGOs.
✓ National and local governments.
✓ International development agencies.
✓ Research institutes.
✓ Private sector organizations & Corporate bodies.
✓ Educational Institutions like University, School and Colleges.

Our Skills

✓ Environment Conservation, Management & Impact Assessment, Socio-economic Assessment.
✓ Institutional Review and Strategic Planning.
✓ Techno-Economic Planning/Study.

About Us

LIFE works with Tribal Community to enhance their quality of life.


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  Regd. Office:- Mukulika, Simantapally, Santiniketan, Birbhum-731235.

  City Office:- 326, BBD Rd, Rabindranagar, Bhadrakali, Hooghly-712232.

+91 9143187121 | 8240488794