In the heart of the lush and vibrant landscape of Uttar Sehalai village, Birbhum, a significant step was taken on the 18th of August, 2023, towards a sustainable and prosperous agricultural future. The LIFE- Livelihood Initiatives For Empowerment, played host to an enlightening training program, meticulously designed to empower the dedicated farmers of this region. The seminar was organised at Rathindra Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) in Shantiniketan. The seminar, titled "Agro-based Farming System under the Changing Climatic Conditions," aimed to equip our farmers with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the evolving challenges posed by climate change. This preface sets the stage for a comprehensive report, documenting the invaluable insights, strategies, and techniques imparted during this enlightening event. It is our fervent hope that this report will serve as a beacon of guidance, illuminating the path towards a more resilient and sustainable agricultural future for the industrious farmers of Uttar Sehalai village.

The aforesaid seminar on & Agro-based farming system under the changing climatic conditions & was organised by LIFE at the seminar hall of Rathindra KVK, Visva-Bharati Sriniketan in collaboration with Environmental Studies department, Visva Bharati and Rathindra KVK, Sriniketan, supported by West Bengal Bio-Diversity Board, Dept. of Environment, GoW.

More than 35 farmers from Uttar Sehalai village and others including faculty members of KVK, Environment Studies department and representatives from West Bengal Bio-Diversity Board, Dept. of Environment, GoW, participated in the seminar and registered also.

The programme started with an invocation song sung by Sri Sumit Kar Ray an associate of LIFE, as per convention of Visva Bharati.

The introductory talk was delivered by Shri Dipankar Ghosh, Secretary; LIFE emphasized on the objectives of the seminar and also discussed in brief the on-going programme of LIFE.

Dr.PulakPatra, Professor of Env. Studies elaborated on the effect of changing environment on agriculture and allied activities. This was followed by an excellent PowerPoint presentation by Shri Sayak Mahato, Subject Matter Specialist, and Meteorology Dept. of KVK.

Shri Arup Kumar Thunder, Dist. Coordinator, Representative of West Bengal Biodiversity Board made a very interesting presentation on conservation and promotion of indigenous rice and local vegetable crops through application of microbial and soil fertility enrichment procedures. He also spoke on how local backward villagers may be involved in such a programme. Dr Pratap Mukhopadhyay, Retd. Principal Scientist, ICAR, Member, LIFE discussed on climate change issues and how we have to adjust our farm activities under the changing environment. His power presentation was strikingly brilliant.

A very important lecture was given by Dr Subrata Mandal, Head of Rathindra KVK. The experience sharing by the septuagenarian farmer Scientist, Manick Ghosh of Raipur, Birbhum, was awe inspiring.

There were active participations by the farmers who with their queries and questions made the entire programme lively and purposeful.

President of LIFE , Pradip  Karmakar witnessed the entire programme and expressed that implementation of today’s knowledge would bring a smile on the face of farmers.

The programme was concluded with vote of thanks and a Rabindra sangeet sung by two Post graduate girl students from Dept. Of Env. Studies.

We all had an exposure to the adjoining farm of Rathindra KVK.

Everyone joined us for a lunch which was arranged by LIFE at the dining hall of KVK Guest House after this cordial meeting.

LIFE would like to extend gratitude for the hospitality extended by RKVK and Environment studies faculty members and all those whose contribution made this seminal successful.

Report prepared by Dr. Pratap Mukhopadhyay

Pradip kr Karmakar


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